Create a space for collaborative editing of card databases, e.g. a wiki

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There are many nice sets of cards available but they could be made even better by collaborative editing, just like wikipedia. Also for bonus points, it would be nice if this space was accessible from the program itself.

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There is a similar feature being implemented in Anki presently (05/11/12) ( The main thing is that there should be one key field like in a database which is a unique field that has no equivalent.

The question field would not be adequate despite the fact that it is unique or can be made to be unique because it is a commonly edited field. I.e. the problem is that one user would be able to edit a field and there would be no way to let the program know which card to update in those subscribers that did not allow edits.

If you have a wiki format to permit edits I suggest a voting system that allows people to vote on votes or vote on voters not just vote on the quality of a particular edit/addition. There should be thresholds on the minimum number of vote strength to allow an edit to persist and a maximum amount of time to allow consideration of the change/addition.

A system with one "mentor" to decide which edits to allow and subscribers to that mentor would be simpler to implement and more realistic ATM IMHO. Since Mnemosyne uses XML and other open technologies this could be implemented by a clever Web designer with knowledge of SQL and perhaps would have nothing directly to do with Mnemosyne. That is the nature of open source after all: liberty of collaboration.

Before this is implemented or at the same time the site - if it is through a site - should give advice on ideal card qualities and study habits, much like an FAQ. This FAQ is really important! This site should also allow different card file format conversions.


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