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Mixxx has a lot of users who don't DJ with a controller, but use mixxx as a streaming radio station. I asked on facebook how well it works for them and they provided some useful suggestions. I think there is demand for a streaming-focused skin, or a skin with options that make it more friendly (cpu and otherwise) for streamers.

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Héctor Hugo Mondragón Soto: Mixxx DJ Software is awesome but I wish you could add something i call "basic deck display mode" (I haven't seen that on any DJ software, never together), this is, to have on each deck only the album art, elapsed and remaining time. No waveforms, no bpm info, and sync mode deactivated (that could open more room to locate other tools on screen). It's wonderful to enjoy all the things that new technology gives us but too much visual aid is pushing djs to use more the eyes instead of the ears. I personally feel like cheating when I watch my screen and I see the bpms when I wasn't looking for that, kills the vibe behind the decks. In the mode I suggest we will still have available, all modern cool stuff but our ears will be the guide. Music is far away more important than any visuals. Djs need to focus 100% in the music/sounds. Keep up the good work guys !! 😎

Tilman Vogel: We have been using Mixxx for a closed campus-radio stream with icecast. It works very fine! As we are streaming from different physical locations, we sometimes had problems forcing a handover by disconnecting the first Mixxx instances via the icecast admin panel and connecting the second instance because the first instance was super-quick in re-establishing the connection after being kicked off. I think, the latest releases added parameters to control that behaviour, right?

Heinz Dreßen Also was ich zu meckern habe ist...........ich bin voll zufrieden benutze Mixxx schon seit ein paar Jahren komme sehr gut damit zurecht :-) Wenig Schnick Schnack ist mehr übersicht und so sollte es bleiben ;-)
(google translate): So what I have to moan is ........... I am fully satisfied use Mixxx for a few years, get along with it very well :-) Little Schnick Schnack is more overview and so it should stay, - )
(I would appreciate help translating that last sentence haha)


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