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Translate and localize Mixxx for a global userbase. Use Launchpad Translations where appropriate to simplify and encourage user contributions. Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) are crucial if we are to expand our user base globally. Currently, every single one of our competitors offers localized and translated versions.

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RJ Skerry-Ryan
RJ Skerry-Ryan
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Accepted for 2.3
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Sean M. Pappalardo


Work has started on this and we have some complete and some mostly complete translations in LP. Those get auto-committed to our trunk_translations branch.

1.10.0 was our first release featuring Launchpad translations. We have developed a workflow that allows translations to make their way back into Mixxx and get released in official Mixxx releases. The translations from the user's default locale are loaded at Mixxx startup.

Open Tasks (as of Mixxx 1.12):
- Translation sync / compilation from Transifex is not automatic.
- Fix the skins. (Some Mixxx skins have English text built in. This makes them fundamentally un-translatable.) Ideally, the new skin format will provide a way to offer versions of a given set of text in many different languages.

Previous Tasks (completed)
- Move from Launchpad translations to Transifex
- Still many English strings that are not translatable.
-- Certain parts of Mixxx code.
-- Skin tooltips
-- Crate/Playlist splash pages

Localization is slightly lower priority. It would involve things like changing the number & time format to match the current locale.

Not sure it makes sense to mark this as "Implemented" ever since there will always be things to fix. We should make this blueprint depend on specific i18n/l10n improvement blueprints which will be implemented in milestones.


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