Library scanning & analysis reorganization

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The workflow/UI for preparing a music library for DJing is unclear and slow. Reorganize scanning and analysis both in the GUI and under the hood to make it intuitive and fast.


Scan phase: the minimum to get started selecting tracks
Find new music files
Detect tags
Detect BPM
Detect key

Analysis phase: optional computation-intensive phase
waveform generation
ReplayGain calculation

By default, analyze tracks on first load of that track. Add an option to preferences to disable this for slow computers.

In top menu bar, move Rescan, Create New Crate, and Create New Playlist items from their own Library menu to the File menu. Rename "Rescan" to "Rescan Library". Add "Rescan And Analyze Library", "Analyze Library", "Import Folder", and "Load Track to Deck 3/4" to File menu. When a new folder is added to the library, prompt users to just scan it, scan and analyze it, or neither.

Remove "Analyze" section from left pane of library display. Add some GUI indication of analysis progress (popup or progress bar in main window TBD). Except for right clicking on playlists and crates to analyze them and loading individual tracks, all analysis functions would work on every track in the library that has not been analyzed yet.


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