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Mixxx needs some kind of control response configuration, e.g. make the eq knobs slowly fade the frequency band but providing full kill at full left position. This should ideally be done by drawing the desired response curve in some kind of editor.

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-Special case: crossfader -> simultaneously draw two functions. Bonus: people will stop complaining that they don't like Mixxx's crossfader, they will draw their own.

-Effects: this could also be used to fine tune the superknob of effect chains with multiple effects. The drawn responses should be part of the saved chain. We should allow the superknob itself to have an editable curve.

-A new preferences pages should allocate the list of all editable controls (and highlight the ones with a modified curve) and also the curve editor. A click-and-edit feature similar to the midi learning wizard would be useful.

-Curves should support saving/loading (presets), exported/imported (to files) and easily copyable between controls. It would be useful to provide smart quick multiple control edit via "apply current curve to all faders", "apply to all low eq knob", etc.

-The exact list of editable controls needs to be specified. E.g. the pitch slider would not be editable.

-Which type of drawing should be provide? Bezier curves? Simple piecewise exponential/logarithmic curves (like ableton). Shall we support free hand drawing?

-When editing a curve, the editor should show information about magnitude and units. Useful when editing the eq knobs for example.

-Editor needed features: grid with adjustable size, snap to grid, zoom, curve entities' properties modifiable with numeric boxes.

Daniel said: This idea is a nice general solution for some specific problem. I am in doubt that this feature will be handy for the majority of users. I would prefer to fix the listed problems one by one, with a specialized solution. Of cause it would be ideal, if they share the same back end.


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