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Registered by Ferran Pujol on 2014-09-09

This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Cue Points 2.0" for updated plans.

Cue Points need to be more powerful, specially now with 4 tracks running at the same time. Named cue points, cue points list widget and loop cue points are a must for serious track playback managing.


Cues model:

-Cues have names, color and optional icon.
-Cues can be either cue points or loops.
-Cues can be assigned to a hotcue, which is a shortcut to trigger that cue.
-Cues not assigned to a hotcue can't be activated directly but must be painted on the waveforms.

Work items notes:
Design should facilitate importing cue points from Traktor, Serato, and Rekordbox. See

Allow the user to activate a hotcue in T.P.
    Better add a button in the list next to each cue rather than the current button.


Work Items

Work items:
Support visual representation in waveform of cues with no assigned hotcue: DONE
Add "displayed" property to track cues: POSTPONED
Ensure loops have the same features cues have: POSTPONED
Show cue names in waveform overview: DONE
(Bug) Cues set on sample <= 0 are not drawn in waveform: DONE
(Bug) Cues modifications are lost on a Mixxx crash: POSTPONED
Deere skin draws marks with a custom image so names are not dispalyed: POSTPONED
Track properties' cues tab revamp: TODO
-(Bug) T.P. allows the user to assign the same hotcue to multiple cues: TODO
-Saved CUE for auto recall on load should not be shown in T.P.: TODO
-A cue not assigned to any hotcue should display "Not assigned" instead of a 0: TODO
-(Bug) T.P. doesn't allow to select cues by clicking on the position field: TODO
-Allow the user to activate a hotcue in T.P: TODO
-Discuss if embedding a mini deck to prepare cues in T.P. is a good idea: TODO
Revamp waveform marks renderization: TODO
-(Bug) Cue's label rectangle height depends on text. It is not consistent: TODO
-Improve appearance when labels of multiple cues overlap: TODO
-In overview, label on the bottom and hotcue on the top of the line: TODO
-Mark can be the same color that waveform making visualization difficult: TODO
-Experiment putting hotcue number left to the mark and label right to it: TODO
-Differentiate marks of cues with hotcue and marks of cues without hotcues: TODO
-Experiment with variable waveform mark's lenght depending on waveform zoom: TODO
Temp cue should not be save as a LOAD cue. Use special user defined cue instead: TODO

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