Compilation of requested features and ideas for improving auto dj

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This blueprint compiles ideas discussed on launchpad, the mixxx forum and zulip for improving auto dj.


The following requests need significant changes in the auto dj processor so that transitions times are calculated ahead of time.

Show the total duration that auto dj will play tracks: 1293980, 1467156
One requests to show the duration for all remaining tracks in the playlist and the other only for selected ones.
[Drafter note (DN): PR#749 shows the total length of selected tracks but does not take into account transition times, the same display could be used and in case no tracks are selected show for the entire playlist so no GUI changes are needed]

Time track will play: 1568928
Add a column in AutoDJ that will tell the exact clock time a song will start playing

The following requests are for different actions in a transition than crossfading

Use volume sliders: 1766164, 1334279
One is to only fade out the playing track and start the next one in full volume, the other is to use both sliders to first fade in the next track and then fade out the other track.

Play a sample in intervals: 1523252
Cyclic play a sample instead of crossfading tracks as the transition and add a menu to control how many played tracks would make an interval and configure which sample unit to use.

[DN - I personally think auto dj should be able to handle more than one action per transition as this is what real djs do. Cue points could be used to trigger actions, such as fade-in, eq bass, turn effect knob, fade-out]

This uses midi scripting for making transitions with beat matching and harmonic mixing.
[DN - I think this is really clever idea, that would make adding new transitions (or actions) much simpler]

To complete this later...


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