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Some 16/9 movies are send in a 4/3 stream with 2 black bands. If you got a 16/9 display, then you got a small images with 4 black bands (2 more bands on the left and right).
It would be great to have an auto-fit-to-screen features, or abilty to zoom like in Kaffeine.

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Note from bojo42: a simple zoom option like i showed in the mockup under easy-channel-change should be less work then an automatic recognition of a letterboxed 16:9 format and so faster to integrate. or am i wrong?

Note from Michael: Yes, that will work best I think. It doesn't quite belong on the toolbar but it definitely needs to be on the main interface because it's a program by program setting. "Medium" priority means I'll try for 0.6 series but if I can't get it to work then it wont stop the release of 0.6.

Note from bojo42: Okay, but it needs to be very accessible, since its not automatic and there you have to click often for the right size, so a symbol with mouse wheel interaction would be great and you should see the video frame when zooming. And when channel switching is available in fullscreen mode, zooming would also make sense there. Shortcuts for this are also a must have. General shortcuts should be similar to Gnome's default player whenever possibly.

jonlowe-This is very necessary in the US on ATSC and QAM as many of the subchannels are in SD, and broadcast letterbox inside a 1.33:1 screen.

bojo42: maybe we can do this a bit simple, so this is just a one-click cutting thing. so metv checks what format comes in and the user can choose to what format it should be cutted. so we only need to have a handful of menu entry for getting those damn letterboxes away. is that possible?

but beside it would be good if this selection then would also be applied to the recordings, so metv won't let those letterboxes slip through ;) but okay this would probable complex the simple stream to file saving.

stefg: why not use the 'r' and 't' hotkeys which xine/totem-xine uses already to zoom in/out. These can be used to get rid of the black bars left and right. And looking at how vlc (0.8 branch) handles it there are predefined clipping ratios for 16:9, 16:10, and 2.21:1 (cinemascope) .... very useful.

Michael: Developer needed. Any takers?


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