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I think the main function of a calendar app is to remind events, birthdays, etc, without the need of opening it. At present Maya is, from a purely functional point of view, just a sort of a work-sheet and it can't reach the goal of reminding the registered events.
Hence, it would be useful to implement these tools:
1) something like a wingpanel's indicator which reports, for instance, the events of the week, so as to allow the user to control his next-days committments, etc;
2) a notification system which automatically reminds the user the events of the day, as the pc is turned on. Maybe one more notification an half an hour before the event would be a further improvement.

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I definitely agree. If the Calendar portion of wingpanel (when you click the time/date in the middle) showed the events for the day, that would be very useful.
I am not too sure about how to go about notifying the user of events through the notification daemon, however. I do not think that notifications for the day's events should pop up at boot. That could get a little spammy. So, should there be an option for event notification time before for each event, an option for all events, or no option at all (a constant time, maybe one hour). ~CameronNemo

Integration into the date/time indicator (rather than a separate calendar indicator) is a must IMHO. Maybe you could follow the example of the Evolution Mirror add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/evolution-mirror/?src=api) for Thunderbird/Lightning and simply mirror events and tasks to the evolution data server (at least as a stopgap measure. Perhaps not perfect in the long run?). It's also be nice to have some kind of indicator icon, preferably appended to the date/time indicator, to indicate pending events/tasks (it would show up either on the day of said task(s)/event(s) or from when any given event's notification was set). I suppose this would require patching indicator-datetime though?
~ Anubeon

I would like to see this feature as well. Using Elementary at work is a very key thing with whether or not I would continue using the distribution. Plus, if the Gnome Team can do it, the eOS team can do it better.


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