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I usually have a problem with the linux default folder bookmarks, I would rather like to link my own folders, placed on another disk/partition. It would be nice, if Marlin would manage the user-like folders as bookmarks, instead of the default ones. It may change the route of the default links, to the user chosed personal folders. Eventual it could change the default settings, and apply system-wide the bookmarks to the users own folders. Maybe it could be a setting for change between the default/custom folders. It would be a big step for Marlin, to be a system-wide file manager!

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That's already how Marlin manage the xdg folders, they re considered like user's bookmark and can be added/removed. I don't understand you request as it's already implemented.

ANSWER: yes, as drag and drop to the bookmark's list, which changes the home/.gtk-bookmarks settings. But the default target of the HOME/Documents-Pictures-Videos-Downloads-Music is set by the home/.config/user-dirs.dirs file, so there are linked to XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" ...

This cannot be changed in Ubuntu, neither in Nautilus, unlike the default links will not work anymore, or they are changed back to defaults automatic. They can be renamed only, not re-link to user-like-folders. Y would like to change them to another partition, so to separate the User-Settings-Folder / User-Personal-Data storage place.

Other-while: why my Movies should be placed in the Home folder, not on an USB Hard Disk, and be linked to Home/Videos? (Thank You -karonka)

PLUS: here is an image of the issue (nautilus like bookmarks management):

The problem with changing the tartget of the default XGD folders is, that it will change the icon of the folder (see Video folder on the image linked), and manage as simple bookmarks only. So this possibility is not tolerated by Ubuntu Linux. Maybe You could find an integrated solution for Marlin.

Maybe it should be a served propose at the first start of Marlin, eventually during the install process: "choose your favorite folders..."

There should be a difference between the stabil personal folders (placed anywhere on the hard disks), and the temporar bookmarks. Y think it should be placed in a separate list, as shown in the image:



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