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Current Manila client is a good start, but it can be improved in several areas. A starting list is:
1. have all commands allow passing share name OR share id, as well as snapshot name OR snapshot id. For example, delete requires a share id (won't accept share name), but allow-access / deny-access accept either share name or share id.
2. command names should be consistent: <type>-<operation>. For example, "allow-access" and "deny-access" should be "access-allow" & "access-deny". (If type is share, only operation is specified).
3. support passing metadata on share create for use by driver implementation
4. add force-delete command to force deletion of db entities when normal delete fails for some reason
5. add service-list command (provided by manila-manage service list now but may be useful to end user in some cases)
6. add reset-state command (may not be needed if taskflow implementation can gracefully handle error conditions)

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Valeriy Ponomaryov
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-- Valeriy Ponomaryov (vponomaryov) --
1) Agree
2) Agree
3) Good point.
4) Agree
5) Need discussion. What cases?
6) It means, reset state to error, for possibility to delete entity?

Also, there can be added more options, like:
7) Add multiple creation
8) Add multiple deletion

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/manila-client-enhancements,n,z

Addressed by:
    Adds share_metadata to share parameters

-- Bill Owen (bill_az) --
5) What should be discussed is os services extension (including the ability to enable/disable services). See cinder blueprint It looks like this may be implemented in manila/api/contrib/services, but not in manilaclient code.

6) Yes. See os-admin-actions here:

Note: In Cinder code, both 4) and 6) are implemented in os-admin-actions.

Addressed by:
    Adds admin actions extension to provide reset-state command

Addressed by:
    Adds an ability to reset snapshot state

Addressed by:
    Added force-delete action to admin actions

Addressed by:
    Added force-delete api support


Work Items

Work items:
1. have all commands allow passing share name/id, as well as snapshot name/id: DONE
2. make consistent command names like <type>-<operation>: DONE
3. add metadata for share: DONE
4. add force-delete command to force deletion of db entities: DONE
5. add service-list command: DONE
6. add reset-state command: DONE

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