Secure the client/server communication between ReST client and ReST server

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Kubernetes uses TLS in some way to secure the ReST API endpoint . The documentation points to using nginx to secure the apiserver ReST API. Ideally we would sort out how to secure the ReST API using TLS and possibly nginx (this may require changes to the heat template for launching atomic).

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Specification Wiki:
Cookbook for TLS certificate handling:

Consider looking at Docker Machine as a working example of how to implement this:

My understanding of how Docker-Machine works:

1) The client generates an ssh key pair, and supplies the public key to the nova create API call.
2) The client generates all the TLS certificates and keys.
3) The client uses an ssh connection to the server to put the server's TLS keys to configure the docker daemon on the nova instance.
4) The local docker client is configured to make secured TLS communication with the remote docker server.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/secure-kubernetes,n,z

Addressed by:
    Add TLS support in Magnum.

Addressed by:
    Add TLS support in heat kubernetes template

Addressed by:
    Add TLS support in heat kubernetes template for Ironic

Addressed by:
    [WIP] Add Cert controller and handler.

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    Add Cert controller and conductor.

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    Add context to TemplateDefinition.extract_definition

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    Split TemplateDefinitionTestCase to different test case

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    [WIP] Register client cert from k8s master node to Magnum

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    [WIP] Add get_magnum_url method to clients module

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    Add guide for TLS support in Magnum.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/barbican-support,n,z

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    Make Kubernetes API call secure.

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    [WIP] Add a tool to manage x509 objects

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    [WIP] Add CA controller for TLS support.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/magnum-as-a-ca,n,z

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    Make bay.api_address contains protocol

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    Fix calling parameter at get_cert/delete_cert

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    Allow unicode text as CSR

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    Added a guide to explain how to use secure Kubernetes API


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