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Currently, we can already do some container works in a bay, and the data in a bay may be changed quickly. It will be benefit if we can create snapshots for a bay when we want to keep the data status of it and to choose one of the snapshots to restore.

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    Implements bay snapshot

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    Add bay snapshot object

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    Implements snapshot functions in bay handler

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    Implements snapshot api

I agree this is nice-to-have feature. I am just not sure if it will work as expected. Anyway, I strongly recommended to add a functional gate tests to this feature (like take/restore a bay and verify if everything is still functional). --hongbin

adrian_otto (aotto): I'm sorry, I do not understand this feature. What data within the bay are we interested in working on. What is the complete use case for this feature?

Also, sdake indicated that heat's snapshot feature for Neutron resources is a noop. Will that foul plans for this? If so, that needs to be dealt with first in Neutron.

hongbin: It looks this BP simply imports the stack snapshot feature [1] to bay. I am also not clear what data within the bay that needs to save.


Lan: As hongbin said in the latest comment, this BP wants to simply import the heat stack snapshot feature to bay.
In heat, snapshot the stack only snapshot the corresponding instances, volumes and template content, when retoring the stack snapshot, it will call the stack_update with the backed up template and replace the instances and volumes with the snapshoted one.

The most benefit of this feature is we can keep the status of bay as some point so that we can easily recover to this point.


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