Power Magnum to run on metal with Hyper

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Hyper a hypervisor-agnostic Docker runtime. It allows to run Docker images with any hypervisor (KVM, Xen, Vbox, ESX).

Hyper is different from the minimalist Linux distros like CoreOS by that Hyper runs on the physical box and load the Docker images from the metal into the VM instance, in which no guest OS is present. Instead, Hyper boots a minimalist kernel in the VM to host the Docker images (Pod).

Architecture: https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/55614788ae49a09ea6b58498/1030x499/a1c97b0baaf0d83faf0c7b05907c272a/HyperVM.png

With this approach, Hyper is able to bring some encouraging merits:
- 300ms to boot a new HyperVM instance with a pod of Docker images
- 20MB for min mem footprint of a HyperVM instance
- Immutable HyperVM, only kernel+images, serves as atomic unit (Pod) for scheduling
- Immune from the shared kernel problem in LXC, isolated by VM
- Work seamlessly with OpenStack components, Neutron, Cinder, due to the hypervisor nature
- BYOK, bring-your-own-kernel is somewhat mandatory for a public cloud platform

CaaS: https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/55545e127c7cbe0ec5b82f2b/1095x362/558bcbf7a1ab7aa4b4753b1232d3886f/IaaS_vs_CaaS.png

Hyper advocates the next-gen CaaS, e.g. Magnum+Metal+Hyper. Several design decisions to make:
- Is Ironic is mature enough to be the way to go?
- How Magnum+Metal+Hyper works in parallel with Nova?
- How to create a hybrid but single cluster for both types of workload?

Answers for Adrian's questions:
1) Why would someone want to use Hyper as a COE node instead of CoreOS or Fedora Atomic?
Will bay creation events be faster? How much faster? What additional features or benefits will we get?
>>> See above

2) Who will write this code, and maintain it.
>>> Hyper team

3) Who will support this bay node type and the related COE templates (responding to inquiries in our IRC channel and on our mailing list)?
>>> Hyper team

Github: github.com/hyperhq/hyper
Website: https://hyper.sh
Twitter: @hyper_sh

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My understanding is that Hyper has gone another direction with this. --adrian_otto

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