Allow to specify a user SoftwareConfig template

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We could use Heat resource_registry to allow the user to provide a custom SoftwareConfig that will be called by each node/master.
Example of typical usage : register a CA.

The implementation would be something like :
- add a new entry in MultipartMime, with a corresponding resource with a custom type like User::SoftwareConfig
- define this User::SoftwareConfig as an empty SoftwareConfig by default
- use resource_registry to map the provided user SoftwareConfig template if needed

Should we provide 2 hooks, one for before the various other scripts and one for after ?
I would say a single hook after would be enough but I am unsure.

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(ricardo_rocha): another example of a feature that does not make sense upstream but we need:
- CERN applications access an internal distributed filesystem called cvmfs for installation of analysis software (these are http caches with clients using fuse mounts)
- we've written a docker volume driver for it, but need to have the magnum hosts configured to get the bind mounts working properly (and launch the docker-volume-cvmfs daemon), without having every container requiring --privileged
- a hook that would allow us to extend the templates without changing the upstream ones would make maintenance and upgrades a bit easier

(hongbin): Ricardo, the approach sounds good to me. I think we can start with a single hook and add another hook later if needed. BTW, could I know who is going to implement this BP so that I can assign the BP to him/her.

(ricardo_rocha): That would be Spyros :) Thanks.

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    [WIP] Allow Bay templates to include Heat environments

Addressed by:
    Allow Bay templates to include Heat environments

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    WIP: Add pre_hook interface

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