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As our project is destined to B2C and B2B we would like to create a partners export and push some of existing partners to magento.

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Vianney - www.akretion.com.br
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Raphaël Valyi - http://www.akretion.com

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We are starting a naive (at first) partner update from OpenERP to Magento. There will be a button in the OpenERP shop to do the operation. Mappings will need to be completed over the time to bring full satisfaction.


Are you working about this functions?

Develop partner2customer export is to do at?

And install this branch (and after security bug: sale.group_sale_manager) I don't know news features.

We can develop this week about partner2customer. Can we work toghether?


Raphaël Valyi - 29 Nov 2010:
Hello Raimon, the "https://code.launchpad.net/~akretion-team/magentoerpconnect/addresses-before-order" branch has been merged into the v6 magentoerpconnect branch already ( https://code.launchpad.net/~openlabs-akretion-consortium/magentoerpconnect/magentoerpconnect-v6 ).
It was mostly motived for the Brazilian localization support. Indeed, here we need to add some specific fiscal code to orders (and hence invoices) depending with the state and fiscal type of the customer. Those fiscal codes are automatically set up by the account_fiscal_position_rule module and related l10n_br* modules in on_change methods on orders. Still it would work only if addresses where already here when creating the order, that's why we did it. We didn't backport that feature to magentoerpconnect for v5 though as we don't want to risk trouble for production customers (we could however do it provided somebody serious like you test it in production).
I deleted the https://code.launchpad.net/~akretion-team/magentoerpconnect/addresses-before-order branch as it's useless.

Regarding exporting partners to magento, we have some experimental support in the V6 branch here https://code.launchpad.net/~openlabs-akretion-consortium/magentoerpconnect/magentoerpconnect
Update all your extra addons modules, and you'll see a button in the shop view to export the partners back from OpenERP to Magento.
This is currently quite incomplete as only a few attributes are mapped back, such as name or email. A big lack is that currently we don't try to update the addresses back to Magento. You can contribute that as you want if you like (we are not working on it), but then may be some heuristics need to be implemented first to avoid addresses duplication in OpenERP when a customer buys again (we aren't too smart here currently and easily create address duplicates). Please tell us if something isn't clear.

Raimon Esteve - 13 desc 2010:

==HOWTO Export Partners & Partner Address to Magneto==

Magento Instances/Export Partners

1. Export only Partners -> Customer
2. Export all partner when address[0] there are email. If not there are email, not export (see logs). This email is login account Magento.
3. Export partners not create password value. There are a module Magento for sendPassword (remember password or new) developed by Zikzakmedia.
4. Address Invoice & Delivery are export OpenERP to Magento. Magento needs some fields requiered: name, street, city, phone, zip, country_id &state_id

If some this values not exists, not export this address (see logs)
5. If country needs region, this connect to webservice for get ID region Magento.

Fistname and lastname, if not exist (this fields are created by magentoerpconnect) are calculated by name value (explode by spaces).

For example:
name: Raimon Esteve Cusiné
first name: Raimon
last name: Esteve Cusiné

name: Raimon Esteve
first name:Raimon
last name: Esteve

Remember: you can custom export values in Magento Instance MapLines


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