Usability points from the training debrief

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This covers a debrief session done after the training presentation done by Andres.

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Julian Edwards
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MAAS training debrief

 - Started with older version of MAAS which has bugs, didn't look good

Bugs encountered

 - DNS not working
   - archive lookups in enlist and commissioning don't use proxy in early releases
 ACTION: Allow user to configure upstream DNS server

 - DHCP needs restarting after configuration - check this

 - why can't juju just use IP addresses instead of relying on DNS configuration

Improve usability:
 - Configure NTP server on region, push to nodes in DHCP config
 - detect existing DHCP servers and warn
 - prompt for unconfigured DHCP/DNS
 - walk through initial set up?
 - improve meaning of downloading ephemerals
 - configure ephemeral architectures with cluster acceptance
 - power control needs better field prompts in ui
 - get rid of WoL
 - flag up Nodes where power type is not set
 - have a power operation test in commissioning for manual configuration - show power status in UI next to node
 - post-installation configuration (e.g. networking)
 - show failure to contact a node after powering up
 - document manual DHCP/DNS setup
 - show "last contact time" and MAC for iLO/BMC
 - flash iLO light on chassis when problems occur, or at least have way of finding broken hardware

- Manage tags in the UI.
- Add tooltips with basic documentation plus a link to the longer version of the documentation.
- Link to the documentation in the UI.
- Try out XPATH tag expressions in the UI.
- Ship and publish the documentation along with MAAS.
- Help describing what should be done after the first enlistment.
- Document what each log file contains.
- Improve the troubleshooting section.
- Add step by step tutorials (normal install — i.e. with DHCP/DNS management / install without controlling the DHCP server).


Work Items

Work items:
[julian-edwards] Allow config of upstream DNS server: DONE
[julian-edwards] Push NTP config to nodes via dhcp: DONE
Configure ephemeral archs at same time as cluster acceptance: TODO
[julian-edwards] Improve Power field prompts: DONE
[julian-edwards] Red-flag nodes with no power type set (and disallow API allocation?): DONE
Remove WoL: TODO

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