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Registered by Gustavo Silva on 2015-04-08

The coordination of the manual and overall status of the project.

In here, you can find all the necessary steps to contribute for the development of the manual.

Before hand, you should install Bazaar in your computer, which is the mechanism that allows us to contribute to the same project, simultaneously and control many different versions.
To do that, just type

sudo apt-get install bzr
After that, you can read some initial steps you should do before actually using it in here:

After introducing yourself to Bazaar, you are now able to contribute to the Manual.
Open a terminal and choose a destination for that. Say:

cd /home/user/Documents

Then just branch our latest repo with the following command:
bzr branch lp:lubuntu-manual

After that, you should have a file created with all the files we are using. After that, you can simply change all the files accordingly. When you're done, if you write

bzr status

You'll notice that all the files you've changed are still pending. Hence, you need to add them. To simplify the process, since you can add items 1-by-1, just type:

bzr add *

Bazaar will add all of your changed files. Then you just type:

bzr commit -m "and a comment between these things"

It is important to actually write down a comment. This allows us to check for all versions and see what has been changed. Finally, after that, just push everything right back at Launchpad, using the following command:

bzr push lp:lubuntu-manual

Your contribution is now online.
Feel free to leave any questions in the Whiteboard or ask someone on irc.
One last request: Please add a comment in the beginning of any TeX file you edit with your name, date and what you changed in particular.

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