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As we are aiming to attract all those Windows XP migration users it might be helpful to have some familiar themes in addition to perfect current Lubuntu theme. It might be nice also to include some Ubuntu-ish themes to give an Ubuntu flavour if wanted.

So I propose to add (just as an example):
Windows 98 (ever classic!) - Open-Redmond (
Windows XP (accustomed) - OBLuna (
Windows 8 (for edgers) - Metrox (
Ubuntu (squared) - Ambiance Maverik (
Ubuntu (roundish) - AmbianceDV (

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[amjjawad] I used to be against such suggestions before but when StartUbuntu Project Started and to be more accurate, when the world knew Microsoft Windows XP will reach its EOL in April 2014 and while it is no secret that Lubuntu is one of the most strong candidates to replace XP, I find this idea really helpful for those who desperately need and wish to feel home and I find no reason to not vote for this with +1 :)

If truth to be told, there was someone so much interested to help - Federico Leoni - and for some odd reason, the whole thing has stopped because he felt that the developers are not interested and some others were against that. Over 120 emails - you can check July 2013 Archive - the whole thing stopped at this point:

So, hopefully Federico or someone else can step in and do that :)

That's proposed exactly for those reasons you confirmed, AJ.
I didn't know about the work on those scripts for Lubuntu alternative sessions, but so far that idea looks amazing!(especially if afterwrds wrap those scripts into nice GUI) :-)

[Baron] This would definitely be a plus for incoming XP users. Even just a little zenity based gui to set one. Just a little check box thing saying "Hay, did you want this to look like XP, 7,8" ect.


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