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For this cycle, I suggest to have Monthly Team Meetings, at least members of Lubuntu Brainstorming Team to have monthly meetings to discuss the work progress. This is important for improving the team work, increase productivity and keep everyone in the loop, etc.

One hour every month won't harm anyone ;)


In short, these meetings are important because we need to talk/discuss about:

1) What went wrong?

2) What went right?

3) Things to carry on and keep doing it for this cycle

4) Things we should avoid for this cycle

5) Re-evaluation for everything happened the last cycle

6) Allocate the resources (human, etc) for this cycle

and other important topics to be discussed.

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[vanyok] My wife will kill me if I join the meeting from home... And might be problematic to take it from work. But these are my problems. Sorry.
What is the format you would like to have? G+, Jabber conference, IRC chat?..
The idea is great. I support it.

[joern-schoenyan] Yes, I support that idea. But we have to hurry: when will be the first meeting? :-)

[amjjawad] if we could just have a meeting for the members of Brainstorming team, that would be a HUGE PLUS considering the other tasks to breathe new life into Lubuntu Team yet again which are going on lately (YES, you can blame me for it :D) and I am ready when you are ;)

[ibere-fernandes] Next vUDS is on 19-21 November 2013 from 2pm-8pm UTC. So when will be the next meeting? Before or right after vUDS? When will we have the first 14.04 images to test? I know there's already a daily build of 14.04, but I want to know when we'll have something read for testers. That's good to know when people like myself will be/be not available for meetings. http://uds.ubuntu.com/

[amjjawad] [RE: ibere-fernandes]: in fact, I was talking about Brainstorming Team Meetings, not the whole Lubuntu Team meeting :) Julien has removed himself from Brainstorming Team so he won't even be available. This is a small meeting for brainstorming team to discuss and move forward and once the vUDS is over, we can discuss to have a general meeting team :)

[ibere-fernandes] [RE:amjjawad] oh, ok then. Anyway, +1 for the Brainstorm meetings too. I suggest IRC once they can be logged.

[SergioMeneses] I support the idea but I would rather to meet on weekends because of my time zone.

[update] marked as 'Deferred' - see the Work Items


Work Items

Work items:
- Brainstorming Team has to decide about whether to have meetings or not for the members of Brainstorming - Email sent: https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-brainstorming/msg00199.html : INPROGRESS
- Without Team Work and Agreement, this idea/suggestion will never see the light. The Team/Community needs to sit and talk NOT 'agree to disagree'. So, I don't think we can go ahead with this unless the whole community is re-organized : TODO
- Please check - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lubuntu-brainstorming/+spec/team-activity : DONE

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