Lubuntu should only use indicators instead of notification area

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Currently, Lubuntu uses both indicators and notification area in lxpanel. As a result, the appearance is not consistent in lxpanel. So I propose to only use indicators in Lubuntu.

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[Pierre Gobin]
I believe that I was not very clear. I am not talking about removing notifications. When I say "notifications area", I mean the systray. For example, we have currently nm-applet which uses an indicator, while the battery icon is in the systray. As a result, they adopt a different behavior : to open nm-applet, we have to click on it, while we have to right click on the battery icon to open it. Besides, indicators and systray looks different : they don't have the same width for example.

[vanyok] I vote here +1 for the alignment of the behaviour if it's possible. But I really not sure that it can be done.
Systray is an old way of doing it. And indicators (are they the same as in main Ubuntu?) is a new way. There should be a team decision about it (as Ubuntu did - went to indicators and dropped systray).

[amjjawad] If that is even possible to be done with Lubuntu, then I think it is good idea but I am not quite sure whether it is possible or not? If I remember correctly, I think we had such discussion long time back. Let's wait for Julien's opinion about that :)
Yet again, I'd be very much interested to fix the current bugs and improve the current features and if we will have some time, we can look into this. If it is not broken, don't fix it :) unless of course this is somehow causing issues and AFAIK, everything is okay at the moment.

[leszek] Keep in mind that the notifications are still necessary for certain applications like Skype, Steam Dropbox, Owncloud and a whole lot more. So removing it would be a bad option. Unifying the experience with a left instead a right click to open contextmenus is a whole other topic.
So -1 from me for this idea.

[gilir] Unless you port every applications to use indicator zone, that not going to happen. See also leszek comment.


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