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Registered by amjjawad  on 2013-10-23

Current status: We are waiting for gilir to gain access to the webpage

Important changes that need to be made:

A) The current slideshow on the main page (which is the one and only page Lubuntu Website has) is saying Lubuntu is shipped with Chromium by default while starting from 13.10, Firefox is the default Webbrowser.
(As far as I am informed, Rafael from artwork already has corrected the screenshots so that they only need to be put online)

B) There is NO mention to an LTS release. There is a YouTudbe that announce that ( and could be used.

C) all the image elements (IMG) ought to have valid width and height attributes set in order to make the page load smoothly. Same for any OBJECT elements that might turn up.

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amjjawad  on 2013-11-06
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Jens Leineweber on 2014-11-05

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[NOTE] Kindly be informed that Ubuntu Community Council is working on this issue and this blueprint will be updated once there is any kind of progress. The case has been escalated to a higher level since the community of Lubuntu failed to come up with a solution to solve this issue for two years. The Ubuntu Community Council has showed their full support and help which is good news. Hopefully, it is a matter of few days until we reach to a final solution.
[David Yentzen] I agree. The Lubuntu site needs to be overhauled to be easier to use, more informative, and more up to date.

[vanyok] I agree with you. The website is the first thing people probably see even before trying a Live system. It's a "face" of a product which is Lubuntu OS in our case. It must look good and reflect our Lubuntu values (simplicity, lightweight, etc).
(Hello from Russian Community!)

[joern-schoenyan] Yes! As soon as possible, there should be an information on that 14.04 will be a LTS-release. Every few days I have to write it in the german forums, because not enough people know it.

[amjjawad] There are some incorrect information on the Website and there are some missing information on the website. I have just updated the Work Items and the main Blueprint above so everything should be updated and clear now :)

[israeldahl] I think the website needs to be optimized for smart phones as well, with a really responsive design. Many people use phones to check things on facebook, g+, etc... and a QR code for the website would help for flyers/posters/blogs, etc...
`$ sudo apt-get install qreator`
social media plugins should be included on the site as well ( or something similar) maybe in a footer (though some older android browsers && opera mini do not suppport position:fixed very well/at all)
IE needs to be seriously considered (if it isn't) as XP users are a huge target being now faced with the April 2014 date will

[harp37] I think that the website's 'blogs' need a post concerning about the development of LTS 14.04.




[larsnooden] Here is an update on the status

Although I can't help with the design parts of images and correcting those mistakes pointed out, I'd like to say I like the current configuration of Lubuntu's website. I think though the slideshow show be at the top of the page, right below those bars at the top. Just a little re-ordering of things



Work Items

Work items:
- Email sent to Mario who is, AFAIK, is responsible on Lubuntu's Website - : DONE
- Email sent to Communicaitons Team & Brainstorming Team - : DONE
- Yet, another email has been sent to the Comms team and Brainstorming team regarding the website issue - : DONE
- Ubuntu Community Council is working on this issue to solve it since Lubuntu Community has failed to come up with any solution. Once there is an update, I shall update this blueprint : INPROGRESS

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