The Default Wallpapers for Lubuntu 14.04 must be chosen carefully

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No doubt, Lubuntu Artwork Team is doing an outstanding great job with each and every release. There are two points I'd like to highlight here:

1- This is an LTS release which will be supported to (n) years not 9 months. While everyone knows 'The First Impression' is quite important, some people have "First Impression, Last Impression". Having that said, IMHO, for this release (14.04), let's go the extra miles with the default Wallpaper and If I may suggest, we could have two wallpapers, each is different from the other. One Light and One Dark for example :) - Don't hate me Rafael, you know how much I adore you work :D

2- The Wallpapers submitted by the users for 13.10 were, with all due respect, and IMHO, totally NOT good for Lubuntu. The previously selected ones for the old releases were much better, IMHO. If there will be a Wallpaper Contest this cycle, let's make sure to define and set clearly what we need to see and give the users before anything else. Remember, this is our first LTS release and I am sure each and everyone of us understand how much that is good but will add so much load and heavy burden. We can do it but we need to be careful. So, let's try our best to make our users happier. We have Windows XP users to impress ;)


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I think the default wallpaper should be a graphic wallpaper n not an high res image. So 70% white appearance with 30% sky blue.

[amjjawad] for the one who suggested the above ^^^ suggestion, please write your name between [ ] :) thanks!

[vanyok] I agree. +1. I personally don't like default Lubuntu wallpapers so much and install Ubuntu pack immediately. From current release it's the only one I like - Muelle.
Hard work should be done to get qualitative wallpapers for LTS. Starting from ideas and clear requirements, continuing through early public contest.
As for requirements, let's maybe not just use our "aestetical" feelings and creativeness, but also some brain power? I mean let's define some requirements based on the valid ideas behind.
For example:
- we use the panel on the bottom of the screen => wallpaper should "grow" from bottom to upper side.
- we aim at speed and light weight => wallpaper should reflect those values, should be light (not colour but impression) and highlight the speed (but avoid clichez as much as possible)
- 14.04 is Trusty Tahr => when you look at the wallpaper you feel the trust, it's consistent and solid, without broken lines (and you hear me-e-e sound on background; I'm kidding:)
- etc
By the way do we still keep light grey and blue as our main colours?
NB: Rafael, really good job!!

[rafaellaguna] Wallpaper colours are carefully chosen. 70% white is a bit excessive. Too much black or white may stress eyes after hours working. Our brain works better when colours tend to desaturate with blue (it increases creativity). Warmer colours increase irritability and avoid concentration (red is the worst, followed by green, sorry Linux Mint).

About selection, all wallpapers are voted in a democratic poll, plus a couple off walls from the Artwork Team that are also discussed in mailing lists (last one wasn't accepted and rejected). So yes, we select and create them carefully.

The "growing" comncept you talk about is impossible. Images are digitally created from top to bottom. The only way to grow them proportionally is centering them from a hi-res one (remember that some have bigger screens than you and me) and making it smaller will pixelate when adjusting.

About Trusty Tahr, well, another goat :D


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