The Manual for Lubuntu 14.04 LTS should be ready

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Lubuntu Wiki and Documentation Team Members need to finish the Manual in 6 months from now so that by the time 14.04 is released, the manual will also be ready.

Help is very much needed if you wish to provide such feature to Lubuntu Users and that will be the first Manual for Lubuntu!

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[vanyok] Good Manual for new users (especially those migrating from other platforms) is really needed. It helps to understand the basics and start using the system. I absolutely support this.

[dyentzen] Yes, a cleanly written, simple and easy to use manual for 14.04 is needed for new users. If the LTS is for five years then a reliable, easy to use manual is a must.

[amjjawad] we need to know what will happen to Lubuntu Manual ASAP before the actual work start and then everyone will be busy and there will be no time to discuss further. We need to know from now whether Lubuntu will have a manual for this cycle or not?

[Pierre Gobin] I would be really happy to help in writing or translating such a manual. I hope we will be enough to bring life to this project !

[SergioMeneses] We might contact to the translation team for translating the manual - send an email to DavidPlanella. Is there a previous work?

[amjjawad][RE:Sergio]: Sergio, if you mean by 'Previous Work' that Lubuntu had a Manual before then the answer is simply no :) there were people interested in writing the manual but they are inactive or away and we haven't heard from them in months. If you check the archive, you will see several emails regarding this. Last time, someone was replying and his replies were not very helpful or nice. See the archive.

[SergioMeneses] references

[SergioMeneses] members who want to work on lubuntu-manual: me, PierreGobin.

[amjjawad] I sent this email: and this page must be updated: to reflect what is going on + this blueprint as well must be updated.


Work Items

Work items:
- amjjawad to send an email to the Wiki Team to move forward with this discussion : DONE
- Sergio to send an email to DavidPlanella : TODO
- Sergio To Check with the people who listed their names - - whether they are still interested or not : TODO
- amjjawad to send an email to the whole Lubuntu Community - : DONE
- Wiki Team to keep this page - - Up to date : TODO
- Project on Launchpad: : DONE

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