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Lubuntu Community Council is my proposal/idea to clean the current mess in Lubuntu Community and solve the pending issues that the community is facing in order to move forward to build a healthy community and a rock solid system for old machines with LTS.

Given Information:
1- Lubuntu Community Has NO Actual Leader Starting from 15-May-2012 -

2- Lubuntu Community and Sub-Teams are a real mess. Lubuntu Communications Sub-Team and Lubuntu QA Team are both without 'Active' Team Leaders. The whole team needs a clean up, reorganize and re-assessment.

3- The Activities of the Community has dropped due to lack of communications and some core old members of the team has left/quit/resigned and the rest are inactive and only very few are still active but that is not enough.

4- Lubuntu 13.10 was a bit of disappointment for as per users and members feedback and some nasty bugs.

A- Not only one person must lead Lubuntu but instead of that, a Community Council consists of many members - the idea inspired by:

B- LCC (Lubuntu Community Council) elect one member to lead this Community Council at the very beginning of each release cycle and this election will take place every 6 months. Members of LCC will elect their leaders.

C- This is a NON-Technical Board or Council.

D- This Council is in charge of:
1- Lubuntu Guards and Keepers - make sure everything goes as smooth as possible and make sure Ubuntu Code of Conducts applies and everyone respects the other.
2- Make sure to build a healthy community based on Team Work, Sharing and Motivation.
3- No Dictatorship: No one will lead the whole community but instead a group of people will do that.
4- Any Lubuntu Member can be a member of this Community Council.
5- Team Leaders of Lubuntu Sub-Teams are members of this Council.

E- Requirements:
1- Must be Active Lubuntu Member at least for 6 months Minimum.
2- Members must have proven record of some Lubuntu Community Experience (NON-Technical) and members with minimum one year with Lubuntu Community are preferred.
3- Technical People can join but the above points (#1 and #2) must apply.
4- Must sign Ubuntu Code of Conducts.
5- Must have a Wiki Page.
6- Must have proven record of team work.
7- Friendly and nice.
8- Must communicate.
9- Must leave a note if he/she is busy or will be away.
10- Before stepping down, must give a notice

F- Decision Making:
Lubuntu Community Council is in charge of decision making and the future of Lubuntu is between the hands of this council. HOWEVER, NO decision to be made UNLESS the whole community (members+users) must be aware of that - to send an email to the mailing list. Some decisions can be made by this council if and only if it is a derision that requires a high skill of Community Experience + Technical Experience which other users may not meet this requirement. But all in all, each and every decision will be made publicly.

G- Meeting:
Lubuntu Community Council must have at least one meeting per month. Even better, one meeting every two weeks if possible. After the meeting, the log must be shared with everyone belong to Lubuntu Community + must be published on Lubuntu Social Media

H- Launchpad:
This Council must have a Launchpad Team + a Mailing List. The owner/creator of that team on Launchpad is NOT necessarily the leader of this Council. He/She could be anyone who would like to help to set up this area.

I- This proposal idea will be on this blueprint. Lubuntu Brainstorming Team will be assigned to this proposal. Team Leader of Lubuntu Brainstorming Team must send an email to both Lubuntu Brainstorming Team + The General Mailing List.

J- Discussion will be made here and if most of the active members of Lubuntu Community Agree, this idea will be implemented immediately.

K- Lubuntu Community Members can propose some changes on the above but must communicate first with Lubuntu Brainstorming Team before doing anything. Or, simply just add your comment to the Whiteboard.


Thank you!

Lubuntu Brainstorming Team Leader

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[dbyentzen] +1 This is an excellent idea. Lubuntu, in the long term, is better off being led by a rotating group of active members of the community. This ensures the workload and tasks of the community are shared among members and avoids individual member burnout or overburden.
If this is not done and Lubuntu continues in its current direction, I do not hold high hopes for it long-term. Every organization, at some point in its early development, makes the transition from a small size to a larger more complex size. How successfully this is done determines, in a large way, the long-term success of the organization. The community council model is the best way to ensure Lubuntu's continued existence because it more fairly distributes the tasks and no one person becomes overburdened.

[amjjawad] Check the Work Items. You can always get back to this idea and change the status if needed. Thank you!


Work Items

Work items:
- To Send an Email to Lubuntu General Mailing List CC Lubuntu Brainstorming Team : DONE
- NO ONE voted on the email that I sent and it seems this is a bad idea and Lubuntu Community not really interested about it so will mark it as Blocked : DONE

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