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We need to create a list of critical bugs that we must fix in Lubuntu 14.04 LTS specially bugs related to stability and appearances and functionalities. Above all, we need to make sure zram will work by default without problems nor freezing.

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[vanyok] Absolutely agree! All the (most important) bugs should be clearly visible to fight them.

[ibere-fernandes] I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend:
Someone from Lubuntu-QA should attend to this meeting once we have lots of bugs that could fit into the 100 papercuts project.
What are papercuts?
♥ One Hundred Papercuts
*Papercuts are easily fixable but very annoying bugs.**
**Our mission is to improve the user experience in Ubuntu by reducing them.*

Lubuntu papercuts and the workarounds:
2) Lubuntu 13.10 workarounds:

[amjjawad] This blueprint has been created on 2013-09-29 but no progress whatsoever on this suggestion/idea. If Lubuntu QA Team is not willing to go for this, please update this blueprint to reduce the pending Blueprints. Thank you!

[update] this blueprint has been registered in 2013-09-29 and the work has not yet started.


papercuts is open to whomever but they're assigned to papercuts when someone recognizes them and has bug control access. that's a very limited number of people. VERY limited. and then there's the question of whether or not they have time. that doesn't seem like a sustainable mechanism. additionally, it is for EASILY FIXABLE bugs and sometimes the most critical bugs are not.

the thing we need is a mechanism to easily determine which bugs are the most critical ones. tags on launchpad would be a good idea, but again, someone has to go through all of them retroactively. i'll discuss with bug control about the idea of a lubuntu specific tag perhaps.

ultimately the question is: how do we better alert developers? don't the priorities on bugs already do this? unless something can come up with an idea soon, i'm going to can this idea, because i can't see anything. i like the idea, but i can't see how to implement it.


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Work items:
- E-mail sent to confirm if the 100 papercuts projects is for all the flavors or Ubuntu only. Waiting for a reply: DONE
- email sent to consider a lubuntu-specific tag like "lubuntu-critical": INPROGRESS

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