[Marketing Campaign] Give away LiveCDs of Lubuntu 13.10 for Windows XP Users

Registered by amjjawad  on 2013-10-24

Creating a LiveCD of Lubuntu 13.10 is not a rocket science. Blank CDs nowadays are not expensive. Why not each and every Lubuntu Users try to:

1- Create a LiveCD of Lubuntu 13.10
2- Give it away to his/her friends, family, colleagues, etc

This is definitely will help:
1- Give a great and FREE chance for Windows XP Users to have a look at Lubuntu with ZERO effort to get it themselves
2- Marketing for Lubuntu and increasing its popularity
3- A very good chance to know what those users think of Lubuntu
4- Invest the time and act quickly before most if not all of them will upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 or buy new machine
5- Educate the world about the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Communities and show how helpful and supportive we are

If Each and Every Lubuntu Users do that with say 5 of his/her friends who are still using Windows XP Users and those will give the same CD to their friends who are also still using Windows XP until now, can you imagine how helpful that is?

It is JUST like a Demo or Presentation for them.

* THIS IS NOT* for installation.

They will just boot their machine from the LiveCD and check out what Linux/Lubuntu looks like and do some simple tasks.

If they will like it, they will get back to you and ask you how to carry on and install it. If they didn't like it, that is something else but at least we have tried and it is their choice :)

I am sure those who love Lubuntu will not really mind giving away 5 LiveCDs ;)

If 5 LiveCDs are too much, you can do it with ONE (1) LiveCD :) I don't think this is the cheapest and the easiest thing :)


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amjjawad  on 2013-11-18
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