First review script

Start a first version of the review script featuring:
* AGPL-3 license check
* PEP8 compliance (using flake8)
* Translation and security files existence
* Module version on 2 digits
* Pushing the output as a comment of the MP on Launchpad

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Maxime Chambreuil (
Needs approval
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Gather information about an OpenERP addon MP
* Has this MP been reviewed before by an automated script?
  * Does it contain message identifying as automated?
  * Has there been a new commit since last automated message?
* Does it merge cleanly?
* Is this a new module?
  * Add of a directory and an file
  * AGPL-3 license check
  * Does it include tests?
    * Run a profiler on tests
      * cProfile
      * line_profiler
  * Does it include demo data?
  * Does it include security files?
  * Does the module version have 2 digits (1.0)
  * Has the .pot file been generated
  * Run flake8 on the entire module
  * Check for deprecated code
  * Check for TODO and FIXME comments
  * Check for debugging breakpoints (ipdb, pdb, set_trace())
  * Test install the module on its own, run tests
  * Does it follow all OpenERP conventions
* Is this a modification of an existing module
  * Which modules are involved?
  * What kind of changes are made?
    * Code behaviour
    * Model changes
      * Has the version been bumped?
      * Any migration scripts included?
    * View changes
    * Tests
      * New tests
      * Added tests
      * Removed tests
      * Profile tests
    * Demo data
    * Data
    * Translation
    * TODO, FIXME comments
      * Added comments
      * Removed comments
    * Check for debugging breakpoints (ipdb, pdb, set_trace())
  * Evaluate if changes create a net improvement
    * Run flake8 before and after merge
    * Check for deprecated code before and after merge
    * Run tests before and after
      * Are they fixed?
      * Are they broken?
      * Are they unchanged?
      * Which tests results have changed? Are they new/removed?
    * Check conventions before and after merge
* Is this a mixture of both?
  * Separate code of new and modified
* Is this a removal?
* Provide link to
  * Identify points of concern from the pad
* Vote on MP (or don't)


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