Ability to pause individual downloads

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Be able to pause each individual download. Right now we just have a "Pause All" button.

A "Pause" checkbox could be added to the context menu of each download.

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Lantash: I think the best way to stop a certain download is to move it away from the top of the download queue, isn't it?

Freddy: Well, i was thinking if i had many nzb files on queue and some of them weren't high priority and wanted to download another day.. i could have the left in pause mode every time LottaNZB is started until i actually wanted to start downloading it.

Lantash: The problem is that HellaNZB doesn't have such a feature. :-/ What I suggest is to collect such low-priority downloads on the desktop or something. Of course it would be possible to write a plugin that provides a shelve or something like that for such downloads or the ability to remove a download from the download queue and saving the corresponding NZB file somewhere.

Freddy: Maybe by creating a directory under ~/.lottanzb/ named paused?....... just a suggestion :)

Lantash: SABnzbd make it possible to pause individual downloads, so we might add this feature to LottaNZB in the future.

Freddy: Thats good news, its been a good decision to switch to SABnzbd :)

Lantash: I guess it's even necessary to implement this features as it would look odd if a download is displayed in LottaNZB that just won't be downloaded (because it has been paused using the SABnzbd web interface). We need to give the user the possibility to resume such downloads.


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