To change the animation-speed of the mintMenu when decorated by Compiz

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One thing that is noticed quite quickly when Compiz is turned of is that the mintMenu all of a sudden seems quite snappy, it actually opens when the button is pressed. Separate from the issue with the mintMenu being slow the first time the user presses the button after the boot there is the issue with the mintMenues animation-speed while decorated with compiz is too slow. It is just as any other menu set to 150ms by default and that makes interaction with it delayed. Because as long as the users eyes does not see what's on the menu the user cannot interact with it. And what might seem like a really short time may quickly become annoying when repeated over and over again. Except for handling windows launching new ones is probably the most used feature of the desktop environment. So the animation speed should be set down from 150ms to 50ms for the mintMenu. This is a very simple procedure done trough CompizConfig.

One could go about this two ways. Either you do this setting specificly for mintMenu, remember to put it highest in the list, so that it's at the top of the hierarchy. Or you could shorten the animation-time for all the menus, personally I think they could be shortened to 100ms but that's just me/Rovanion.

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This blueprint has been implemented and can now be removed, am I wrong?

-- Well, there's the hovering delay, is that what we're talking about here? (clem)

-- -- No it is about the time between that the mintMenu button is pressed in the Gnome-panel to the time that the menu appears. This time is filled with an animation drawn by Compiz. And if I'm correct, there was a specific rule in Linux Mint 9's Compiz Animation module about the opening animation speed of the mintMenu. Sadly I cannot confirm this since I don't have LM 9 Gnome on either of my two laptops here.

-- As far as I know, there's nothing particularly set for mintMenu in compiz (clem)

-- -- Ah well you would probably know if there were one. So then the blueprint stands, will it be implemented?


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