Upstream 64-bit Binder Patches

Registered by Zach Pfeffer

Android's binder requires modifications to run a 32-bit Android platform on a 64-bit kernel.

To send 64-bit binder changes to the upstream kernel.

Android kernel upstreaming.

What gets produced?
A patchset that gets accepted into the upstream kernel.

Where will the work get put?
The upstream Linux kernel.

Blueprint information

John Stultz
Serban Constantinescu
Serban Constantinescu
Series goal:
Accepted for kernel-merge-window
Good progress
Milestone target:
milestone icon 3.11
Started by
Zach Pfeffer

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[2012/12/5 pfefferz] Please put notes here.
[2012/12/17 pfefferz] There's more to do on this. Moving to 13.01.
[2013/01/16 serbancon] The first set of patches has been send to LKML and I am currently implementing the patches according to the feedback I got. John Stultz has sent a set of patches implementing compat layer for alarm-dev. they can be used as a reference (
[jakub-pavelek 2013-02-26] Re-targeting (moving) from linaro-android project to linux-linaro. Targeting upstream linux (series) and 3.10 release (milestone)
[jakub-pavelek 2013-05-07] This BP needs updates please. Work items, target (moving from 3.10 to 3.11

Headline: 64-bit binder extensions have been upstreamed to the Linux kernel.
Roadmap id: CARD-333
   * The 64-bit binder patches are accepted to staging tree
   * tests passing in juice-aosp (64/32) and other 32/32 Android platform


Work Items

Work items for 13.01:
Send patches to John Stultz for Linaro review: DONE
Modify patches based on John's review: DONE
Send patcheset 1 upstream ( DONE
Integrate pactchset 1 upstream feedback: DONE
[amit-khare] Run binder unit test on patchset 1: DONE
[amit-khare] Add test descriptions to the test plan available from Zach Pfeffer to run binder unit tests manually and in automation against all relavent Android builds: DONE
[amit-khare] Make sure test runs in automation against all relavent Android builds: DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Create patchset 2 (64bit abi definition only): DONE
Have John Stultz take a look: DONE

Work items for 13.04:
Integrate John's feedback: DONE
Send 64bit abi patch to LKML: DONE
Integrate lkml feedback: DONE
Re-Send 64bit abi patch to lkml: DONE

Work items for 13.05:
Integrate further lkmlk feedback: DONE
Sent v4 of 64bit abit patches out to lkml: DONE

Work items for 13.06:
Got feedback and acks from Arve (6/4): DONE
Need to integrate remaining feedback from Arve and resend: TODO
Update 32bit compat_ioctl patches and resend as well: TODO

Work items for backlog:
[amit-khare] Make sure test runs manually against a 32-bit platform and define and write down test instructions: TODO
[fagerstedt-axel] Make sure test runs in automation against the 32-bit platform: DONE

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