Configuration Management Tool

Registered by Loïc Minier on 2010-09-28

Implement a simple tool to specify and check configuration for target environment

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Paul McKenney
John Stultz
Needs approval
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Accepted for 11.05
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Started by
Paul McKenney on 2011-02-02
Completed by
John Stultz on 2012-09-12

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2011-03-02: Update - Have a initial patch to allow selecting from a choice block. Jason also came up with a workaround way to set non-boolean values. This overcomes the majority of the limitations, but there are still a few more issues with kconfig:
  1) You can't select as a module. So in order to set configs as modules if they aren't default m, you must use the same trick Jason came up with for the non-boolean values, which is to simply restate the config with a default. This is a little ugly, as it takes quite a bit more lines to handle then select and looks like:
          config MODULETHING
                      default m
  2) Similarly to #1, there are some choices that are tri-states. So the choice selection is a module, which then allows multiple sub-items to be selected. This is pretty ugly and seems to only effect the USB gadget configs, so we can probably just patch it to something more straight forward and move on. But if we fix #1 above, then this may also come along for free.

2011-03-22: Update - Provided working demonstration of kconfig fragments to linaro-dev for review. Feedback was hesitant but positive, the outcome being that the changes need to land upstream before Linaro should try to utilize it. This means that this blueprint will not be included in Linaro for 11.05 and will probably need to be postponed.


Work Items

Work items:
[r64343] Research Kconfig language limitations: DONE
[jstultz] Extend Kconfig language to enable selecting items from a choice block: POSTPONED
[r64343] Extend kconfig language to enable selecting numerical values for config options: DONE
[jstultz] Provide functional demonstration of kconfig fragments to linaro-dev: DONE
[jstultz] Extend Kconfig language to allow selecting as a module (might not be necessary): POSTPONED
[jstultz] Enable make cmd to generate a config from a collection of provided Kconfig fragments: POSTPONED

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