Linaro kernel standard architecture and Hardware support

Registered by Mounir Bsaibes

This session will cover all technical requirements under K5 standard requirement and h/w support:
K5.1 Thumb2 support
K5.2 Cortex A15 initial support
K5.2 UEFI support (covered by

See the specification wiki page for the agenda for the UDS session.

Blueprint information

Paul McKenney
Dave Martin
Dave Martin
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Deepak Saxena
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Deepak Saxena

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Note - work item assignments are currently provisional and may change.

Items discussed at LDS 11.11 which need TSC discussion. These may be acted on in a future cycle:

Follow up with KVM community in regards to KVMtool, see what they have and if we should pull it into our side: TODO
Have follow up discussion regarding hypervisor interface (Arnd, Will, ?): TODO
Linaro to find out who to follow up with re TrustZone/security environment interface standardisation (GlobalPlatform, ARM, ... ?): TODO
Raise for discussion by TSC and partners - TrustZone/security environment iterface standardisation/integration: TODO


Work Items

Work items:
[dave-martin-arm] to document what he needed to do get Thumb-2 kernel working for a new SoC: TODO
[dave-martin-arm] to follow up with each landing team to find some one to implement Thumb-2 for each remaining SoC: TODO
[dave-martin-arm] follow up to see if Versatile Express can be built in thumb2 by default in Linaro kernels -- cmarinas says it works: TODO
run comparitive benchmark of ARM/Thumb-2 kernel using lmbench: TODO
[dsaxena-linaro] follow up with infrastructure team about tracking code-size metrics for linaro kernel builds: TODO
[tixy] complete kprobes for Thumb-2: TODO
[dave-martin-arm] investigate whether breakpoints facility in perf userspace tool is broken (assuming that sizeof(unsigned long) == sizeof(instructions)): TODO
[tixy] Check whether work is needed to get kgdb working with Thumb-2: TODO
Check whether perf jump labels (CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL) need work for Thumb-2 (maybe follow up with the maintainer Jason Baron): TODO
[tixy] to reproduce/report/fix the thumb2 relocation problems he encountered when loading modules: TODO
[npitre] to pull Catalin's A15 tree into Linaro's 2.6.39 tree: TODO
[will-deacon] to ping KVM-on-A15 developer: TODO