Depopulate the Exynos <mach-exynos/include-mach> directory

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This is a blueprint to depopulate the <mach/*> and <plat/*> namespaces for the Samsung Exynos platform.

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Arnd Bergmann
Linus Walleij
Thomas Abraham
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Accepted for kernel-merge-window
Good progress
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milestone icon 3.11
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Thomas Abraham

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Roadmap id: CARD-114
Headline: the <mach/*> and <plat/*> namespaces for Exynos platforms were depopulated
Acceptance: accepted into arm-soc.git with no headers left that are included by device drivers for the Arndale board

[thomas-ab 2013-01-07] Four other drivers to be DT converted first before being able to progress
[jakub-pavelek 2013-03-25] Slow progress, big backlog. Do we need help?

[arnd-arndb-de 2013-05-08] all device drivers are done as of bb9055b2744ada735a2fe555c4196ad39a83ef2a, with the exception of cpufreq, devfreq, adc and sound. The gpio driver is no longer used on exynos.

[jakub-pavelek 2013-05-10] Moving from 3.10 to 3.11 for completion. Thanks for the update, please re-check the work items to be still valid and needed.

[jakub-pavelek 2013-07-01] As this is the only platform (that we really care about) not finished we will move it to follow-up work.


Work Items

Work items for 12.11:
Add device tree support for mct controller and remove regs-mct.h file (v2, 2012/11/25, [http://<email address hidden>/msg13894.html]) : DONE
Remove dwmci.h file (v1, 2012/11/26, http://<email address hidden>/msg13925.html) : DONE
Remove regs-mem. file (v1, 2012/11/26, http://<email address hidden>/msg13926.html) : DONE

Work items for 13.02:
Convert all users of gpio to pinctrl and remove gpio.h for Exynos4 : DONE

Work items for 13.03:
[arnd-arndb] remove debug-macro.S : DONE
[arnd-arndb] remove includes from irq-combiner : DONE
[arnd-arndb] remove includes from serial-samsung : DONE
[arnd-arndb] remove includes from i2c : DONE
[arnd-arndb] remove includes from sdhci-s3c : DONE

Work items for 13.04:
Convert all users of gpio to pinctrl and remove gpio.h for Exynos5 : DONE
Add device tree support for cpufreq driver and remove regs-cpufreq.h file : DONE
remove includes from spi-s3c64xx : DONE
remove includes from usb-ehci-s5p : DONE
remove includes from usb-ohci-exynos : DONE
Remove regs-usb-phy.h file : DONE
Remove sysmmu.h file : DONE
Remove timex.h file : DONE
remove includes from rtc-s3c : DONE
remove includes from fb-s3c : DONE

Work items for 13.05:
Remove dma.h file (requires all exynos non-dt platforms to be converted to dt platforms) : DONE
Add common clock support and remove regs-clock.h : INPROGRESS
remove includes from gpio-samsung : DONE
remove includes from clock-samsung : INPROGRESS
Remove uncompress.h : INPROGRESS
remove includes from pwm-samsung : INPROGRESS
remove includes from s3c-adc : TODO
remove includes from devfreq : INPROGRESS
Remove all users of hardware.h and remove the hardware.h file : DONE
Remove irq.h (this requires all drivers to support dt) : DONE
Remove map.h (this requires all drivers to support dt) : DONE
Remove memory.h file : TODO
Remove pm-core.h file : TODO
Remove pmu.h file : TODO
Add dt support for Audio and remove regs-audss.h file : TODO
Convert all users of gpio to pinctrl and remove regs-gpio.h file : DONE
Remove regs-irq.h file : DONE
Add device tree support for PMU and remove regs-pmu.h file : TODO
remove includes from onenand-samsung : DONE
remove includes from watchdog-s3c2410 : DONE
remove includes from snd-soc-samsung : TODO

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