Android Sync infrastructure Upstreaming

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This blueprint covers merging the Android Sync infrastructure into staging, or upstream. This work will likely be done by or with close coordination with the Linaro Graphics team.

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Deepak Saxena
John Stultz
John Stultz
Series goal:
Accepted for kernel-merge-window
Milestone target:
milestone icon 3.10
Started by
Jakub Pavelek
Completed by
Jakub Pavelek

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Headline: Androind Syns infra has been upstreamed to staging
Roadmap id: CARD-511
 * the implementation has been accepted to staging (or mainline)
 * the URL of git commit has been logged here

This blueprint may or may not be covered by the following blueprints:

Current patchqueue reworked for staging:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dev/sync-staging

[jakub-pavelek 2013-02-21] If this is a high-level BP as it says, lets have children linked to it.
[jstultz 2013-02-28] The blueprints above in the whiteboard may be dependent children. That's still TBD.

[jstultz 2013-3-6] At this point, the sync driver is queued in staging for 3.10. There will still be more work coordinating with the dmabuf-fences efforts to unify somewhat Android sync and dmabuf-fences, reducing the size of the sync driver and hopefully finding a way for it to be upstream for good. That effort can be managed here, or in aonther blueprint, depending. Will need to decide.

[jstultz 2013-5-1] Sync driver merged upstream in staging for 3.10-rc1:

Marking this blueprint as implemented. There will be work needed to get sync out of staging and integrated with other mainline appraoches in development, but we'll open a new blueprint when that work starts to solidify


Work Items

Work items for 13.02:
Ping Erik to see if he has any plans to upstream sync or submit it to staging (Feb 7): DONE
Rework sync patches so they could be submitted to staging(Feb 8): DONE
Pinged Maartin on dmabuf-fence patches to see if they overlap with android's sync (Feb 8): DONE
Wait on feedback from Android devs before submitting sync patches (Feb 27): DONE
Submit sync patches to staging(Feb 28): DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Sync patches were queued in staging for 3.10! (March 4): DONE

Work items for 13.05:
Sync patches merged for 3.10-rc1 (see git url in whiteboard): DONE

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