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Implement and upstream uprobes for ARM
This session will cover Technical Requirements: K7.1: Flash Storage Remapping - Improve performance of standard filesystems on flash via remapping layer K7.11: USB Mass Storage - Separate data/control USB buffering, optimize USB buffer types
Single Kernel Binary for Linaro Linux
Discussion of Single Kernel binary topic. Etherpad @
Flash Storage Optmizations for Linaro Linux
Continue discussion of EMMC 4.5 and UFS
Discuss Improving Linux kernel performance technical requirement K8 K8.1 memory regions supports (separete spec wiki page: K8.2 Buffer Management API K8.3 lazy VFP investigation K8.4 Optimized gettimeofday() Investigation K8.5 Kernel Benchmark T...
Improve Linux Kernel Reliability Availability and Serviceability Technical Requirement K9 K9.1 Fix LTP regression and failures K9.2 Offline CPU to boot-loader mode K9.3 kexec
This session will cover all technical requirements under K5 standard requirement and h/w support: K5.1 Thumb2 support K5.2 Cortex A15 initial support K5.2 UEFI support (covered by See the specification wiki page for the agenda for the UDS sess...
This session will cover Techincal Requirement K7.2: Optimize Kernel/User Buffer Handling , Optimize I/O Scheduling for Flash
This session will cover Technical Requirements k7.3, 7.4, 7.6, 7.10: K7.3: Non-Blocking Request in MMC Framework K7.4: eMMC Background Maintenance K7.6: SDIO Single Function Support K7.10: DMA Engine on ARM
Device Tree Update for Linaro Linux
Current device tree status and next steps
dummy session for scheduler
ARM Maintainers Summit for Linaro Linux
ARM Kernel Maintainers summit 1/2 day meeting - Part 2 Goto part 1 for minutes and work items:
Pin Control/Pin Mux Update for Linaro Linux
pin control/pinmux status updates and next steps
Kernel Stress Testing for Linaro Linux
Discuss kernel stress testing
We have a prototype STM driver for the ARM Inc. System Trace Macrocell. This needs to be upstreamed and productised. Most of the initial work is in the kernel. Compatibility with TI's existing toolset is a concern.

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