Overall Status Reporting for Linaro

Registered by James Westby on 2010-12-13

Better blueprint tracking and status reporting for Linaro.

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Jamie Bennett
James Westby
James Westby
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Good progress
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.05-beta1
Started by
James Westby on 2010-12-13

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Implementation of basic work item tracker features in progress. Still drafting more advanced status reporting features.

Work items (11.05-alpha-2):
Examine multiple projects for blueprints: DONE
Fetch tr blueprints: DONE
Associate tr blueprints with the blueprints that implement them: DONE
Associate TR blueprints with the team that will implement them: DONE
Associate milestones with a particular project: DONE
Only consider milestones in the same project when calculating the start date of a milestone: DONE
Get code deployed: DONE
Include TRs in the output pages: DONE

Work items (11-05-beta):
Provide date-based pages that show all milestones due on that date: DONE
Improve milestone page: DONE
Allow tracking bug workitems against linaro: DONE
Colour progress bar based on whether it is behind trend line: DONE
Series support in the tools so that we can discriminate series: DONE
[jamiebennett] Write "About" page text: DONE
Use linaro green for links: DONE
Individual progress bars for each priority: DONE
Overview link in header: DONE
Progress bar moved to the top: DONE
Fix sorting: DONE
Display real names: DONE
Individuals link in the header: DONE
Add "intros" to each page: DONE
Remove all "more information" links: DONE
"People" page says "Teams": DONE
Exclude "Informational" blueprints: DONE
Stop non-linaro people 404ing: POSTPONED
Correctly calculate end point of burndown charts based on final milestone there is any work for: POSTPONED
Put the dependency graph on the TR pages: POSTPONED
TR priority related to blueprint priority: POSTPONED
Web stats showing usage: POSTPONED
Display individuals Launchpad profile picture on individuals page: POSTPONED


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