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Make more use of Continuous integration in the working groups in order to help improve quality.

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James Westby
Guilherme Salgado
Deepti B. Kalakeri
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Deepti B. Kalakeri
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David Zinman

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[asac, Sep, 14, 2011]: all outstanding or inprogress workitems have been postponed and live on in individual blueprints of the project. More kernel configs are supposed to follow the process defined through the kernel-ci-terms-of-service blueprint (TODO). Hence this blueprint is done; setting to implemented.

Work items:
[james-w] get an isntance of hudson deployed in the DC (RT #42278): POSTPONED
Get an ec2 account information for setting up Jenkins for Continuous Integration: DONE
Explore the ec2 instance type, candidate to be used for Jenkins: DONE
Set up hostnames for the ec2 instance, so that it can have a friendly name: DONE
Setup Jenkins on the ec2 instance: DONE
Explore how to use ec2 plugin for starting the slaves on demand: DONE
Set up build for gcc job on Jenkins master: DONE
Setup Jenkins behind apache over SSL: DONE
Verify which mode (ssh or http) for bzr gcc download is faster : DONE
Set up build for gcc job on Jenkins slaves : DONE
SCP already built repository to master so that if something fails one does not need to redo the build and testing. Original plan was to use SCP plugin to copy the built binaries to the master but now we have implemented the same using the artifacts plugin: DONE
To work on using the openid plugin . This plugin lets your Jenkins users login to Jenkins through external OpenID providers, without using password: DONE
Create a shared bzr repository on the master to avoid the long download times of the gcc source: DONE
Add feature to the linaro-image-tools to replace/change debian package into the hwpack. : DONE
Evaluate if we can use it to test the regular kernel builds on the boards: DONE
Use to build the kernel and test the newly built kernel on the boards: DONE
Create a local http git repository on the jenkins master on the ec2 instance to avoid improve kernel download time : TBD
Back up all the jenkins-config to bzr branch on launchpad: POSTPONE
Build the upstream kernel and submit the test job to LAVA on DONE
Include 3.0 kernel build for omap2_plus config for panda and submit the job to LAVA on for testing: DONE
Include 3.0 kernel build for build for omap2_plus config for beagle and submit the job to LAVA on for testing: DONE
Improve the metadata information in the test job submitted to LAVA: POSTPONE
Update the Kernel build status information on LAVA: POSTPONE
Work on the building the kernel for other kernel configs specified by Deepak: TBD
Move all the jenkins job instructions to bzr script and change the jenkins job to be a simple one line execution statement : POSTPONE
Initate discussion on the Ubuntu build with John Rigby to understand what needs to be built and tested: POSTPONE


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