ARMHF Linaro images

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We have released Debian armhf demo images for Genesi EfikaMX systems and Pandaboard.
They are based on current Debian unstable -which means that by in a few days there will be lots of packages to update :)

You can find them here along with sha256 checksums:

Genesi EfikaMX Smarttop/Smartbook:

They include current GNOME+KDE4.6 environments -not Gnome3 yet, just 2.3x, as currently in unstable. plus lots of packages. gcc 4.6 is used by default and is included.

They also include Phoronix Test Suite, so if you want to do some benchmarking you can do

$ phoronix-test-suite benchmark pts/<test/suite>

where test/suite can be found from

$ phoronix-test-suite list-available-{tests,suites}

root password is 'armhf' and there is a default user 'armhf' with password 'demo' or 'test'. Both images include fbdev drivers and no special hardware drivers. The kernel in the images is not the Debian armhf default as that's not really working fully yet for both platforms, instead I got the currently supported from Genesi for the EfikaMX images, and the Ubuntu Natty 2.6.38 for the Pandaboard.

Both images also include a custom build of Iceweasel 4.0 (= Firefox 4.0).

To use, just use something like the following (eg. for the pandaboard):

xzcat pandaboard-armhf-20110721.img.xz | pv | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=2048

(the pv tool is not needed but it's nice to show progress on pipe transfers, just apt-get install pv).

Disclaimer: These images are "try-at-your-own-risk", though we haven't heard of a blown up Pandaboard or EfikaMX using them :)

Things to do yet:
* Provide a proper installer, based on debian-installer.
* Fix Iceweasel (5.0 or 6.0 in experimental, thumb2 errors)
* finish language compilers porting: gnat, ghc, openjdk, etc.
* Fix bugs :)

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[asac, Jul 25, 2011]: to get this into release, please add Headline: and Acceptance: lines to the whiteboard before the work items block. headline should be good to copy paste into the "release highlights" we send out with release announcement and acceptance should describe how the deliverable can be tested/validated to be delivered. validating against acceptance criteria should also be a work item for 11.07 in itself.
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Headline: Debian-armhf Linaro images
Acceptance: install debian-armhf image, being able to boot on Genesi EfikaMX or Pandaboard


Details for the releases:

11.07 release summary (what can it do, what does it contain)
11.07 release techn details (how it was produced)


Work Items

Work items:
[markos-debian-org] Release of first Debian based image through Linaro as non-official (try at own risk) image: DONE
[markos-debian-org] Headless ARMHF images using Linaro infrastructure: TODO

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