Star Rating process definition and documentation

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Go in details describing the following topics:
 * What is Star Rating
 * Process definition
 * Requirements to make the Star Rating available for new boards

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Ricardo Salveti
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Accepted for 11.11
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[rsalveti, Jul 3, 2011] Moving BP for 11.07. We need to make sure this get properly released this time.
[rsalveti, Aug 9, 2011] Moving to 11.08 as I couldn't not find enough documentation to cover the acceptance criteria.
[rsalveti, Aug 9, 2011] Asac, as you were handling this for 11.07 do you want to keep doing it for 11.08?
[rsalveti, Aug 25, 2011] A lot was done for Star Rating, but the documentation is still not in place, need to check if this is still valid somehow, for now moving to 11.09 and then review with asac.
[dzin, Sep 27, 2011] Moved to the backlog since this has been stagnating.
[dzin, Sep 28, 2011] Back to 11.09 until post-mortem review

Headline: The document describing the Star Rating, how the data is qualified and the methods used to generate the results for a new board is available at Linaro wiki (pointing the address here later).
Acceptance: List of hardware features to test, list of useful test cases to run and proper documentation describing the Star Rating system should be all in place, available to be published and consumed by the LTs.

(rsalveti, Jun 23) Please check the WI list with Asac and see if there's anything missing that would be good to deliver for 11.06.


Work Items

Work items:
Create initial list of hardware features to test: DONE
Request and get detailed list of hardware components for the dev boards supported by the LTs: DONE
Get list of useful tests from working groups: TODO
Document what is Star Rating and make the link available at at TODO
Document the current workflow and how a vendor could include another hardware in the loop: TODO

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