Ubuntu LEB Derived Distro at Launchpad

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Launchpad host for Ubuntu LEB derived distro

 - Ubuntu LEB derived distro available at Launchpad
 - Same set of functionality when comparing to the Overlay

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Needs approval
Ricardo Salveti
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Slow progress
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Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
David Zinman


[rsalveti, Oct 5, 2011] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-leb created, just need to create an admin group now as an archive rebuild is critical and can affect all projects hosted by launchpad.
[rsalveti, Oct 6, 2011] Blocked by bug 869221 and bug 869277
[rsalveti, Oct 17, 2011] Blocked again by launchpad, impossible to initialize a series:
<wgrant> spm: Is publish-distro still going?
<hloeung> yes, there's still a publish-distro running on germanium
<wgrant> Killing initializedistroseries (29159), 2011-10-16 21:45:13.061129+00:00, 2011-10-16 21:45:16.149899+00:00
<wgrant> rsalveti: Is that you?
<rsalveti> wgrant: the derived distro, yes
<wgrant> rsalveti: ubuntu-leb/oneiric again?
<rsalveti> wgrant: yes, I saw the bugs that were blocking me were fixed already
<rsalveti> wgrant: any issue with it?
<wgrant> rsalveti: It's far too slow to work (as I warned Julian months ago)
<rsalveti> wgrant: any idea how to make it work? or at least when I should try again, if possible
<wgrant> rsalveti: It requires a large rethink of the backend. There's nothing you can do.
[rsalveti, Oct 17, 2011] Bug 869221 is not completely fixed yet, and we hope to be able to initialize the series after it's properly fixed, but copying only ubuntu-desktop for the first moment, and sync the remaining packagesets later.
[rsalveti, Oct 23, 2011] Derived series finally created, but still need to customize it better with bigtools (enable other components and such). Blueprint will probably not be completed in time for 11.10.
[dzin, Nov 9, 2011] slow progress, re-target to 11.11
[rsalveti, Nov 23, 2011] we should have a good plan to do the transition, to avoid issues with the images people are already using (because the repo will change again). maybe we should start using it for precise and see how that goes. I'd prefer to move this to 12.01 as 11.12 is a quite short month and some key folks will be in vac.
[rsalveti, Jan 23, 2012] We should move this to the backlog and discuss it properly at Connect, as besides waiting ubuntu to announce if they will just support armhf for precise, a transition plan should be in place to avoid issues with our current users.
[dzin, Jan 26, 2012] moving to the backlog pending discussion.
[dzin, apr 10, 2012] Move to wishlist

Headline: Ubuntu LEB is now officially an Ubuntu derived distro at Launchpad, enabling bugtracking against packages, archive rebuilds and proper archive administration.

Acceptance: ubuntu-leb derived distro create at Launchpad, derived series based on oneiric created, able to push new packages to the archive and in sync with current overlay.


Work Items

Work items:
Sync with bigjools and create the derived distro: DONE
Enable the oneiric based series: DONE
Create a driver/admin group for the Ubuntu LEB distro: TODO
Check if we're able to push a package update: TODO
Check if we're able to access the repository the same way as ubuntu: TODO
Generate one image using only the derived distro repository: TODO
Decide if we should drop the overlay for 11.10: DONE

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