Platform Enablement for KVM Fast Models

Registered by Ricardo Salveti on 2012-03-14

Requirement from the Toolchain WG.

The components for KVM Fast Models:
 * An x86 host
 * The ARM Fast Model
 * The Fast Model boot wrapper
 * The host kernel (
 * The guest kernel (also
 * Linaro QEMU (git://
 * The host root fs
 * The guest root fs

 * Hwpacks suitable to use with linaro-media-create
 * Improvements at the flash/running tools to support easily running KVM Fast Models (host and guest side)
 * Get a vexpress-a15 based kernel configured and building as a hardware pack for use by linaro-media-create and the other Linaro tools. The kernel must be appropriate for running under the Fast Model.
 * Usage of the same hwpack for both host and guess (with device tree)

Upstream KVM ARM development branch at

Toolchain WG will supply the required extra configuration once requested.

Blueprint information

Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Riku Voipio
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Accepted for trunk
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.05
Started by
Riku Voipio on 2012-04-11
Completed by
Riku Voipio on 2012-05-22

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[dzin April 27, 2012] Move to 12.05 due to lack of resources
[asac May 4, 2012] shouldn't we hook this up to the A15 KVM toolchain WG roadmap card? or don't we have one? If so, add Roadmap id: tag in Meta:
[dzin May 4, 2012] This blueprint feeds into, which has no roadmap card as of today.

Headline: Developer Platform now supports A15 Fast Models with a kvm kernel and kvm image
Acceptance: kvm kernels and hwpacks are included in 12.05 release


Work Items

Work items:
Package kernel kvm: DONE
Package semihosting bootwrapper for kvm: DONE
Create kvm fast model hwpack: DONE
Add kvm to to overlay ppa: DONE
Patch l-m-c to support Fast Model image + semihosting bootwrapper: DONE
Create Fast Model images: DONE
Create kvm image to be used inside Fast Model: DONE
Set up automatic hwpack creation: DONE
Publish images at DONE

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