Ubuntu Platform Enablement for ARM Fast Models

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Linaro is now working on supporting ARM Fast Models for early development on models before the silicon is available. This blueprint is to cover the platform enablement that's needed to support the Fast Models as a normal target, including:
 - Getting it to work properly with our images (e.g nano and developer)
 - Setting up the CI kernel builds for the kernel that has the Fast Model support
 - Enabling a kernel package and making it available the same way we're doing with our other kernel flavors
 - Change the linaro-image-tools to make it understand what is a Fast Model, and how to produce a valid image for it (special kernel image with device tree, rootfs image for a virtual sd card, etc)
 - Providing support for both the big.LITTLE and LAVA team, changing and optimizing our images as necessary

The initial targets would be A15, A7, A15/A7 models.

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Ricardo Salveti
Riku Voipio
Riku Voipio
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Mar 28, 2012] The remaining WI can be tracked as a bug, then we can close down the blueprint as it seems we're done with it.

Headline: Developer Platform now supports A15, A15/A7ARM Fast Models.
Acceptance: Nano and Developer images work with ARM fast model with support for big.LITTLE and LAVA teams


Work Items

Work items:
Build Versatile Express A15 Fast Model: DONE
Build Versatile Express A15+A7 Fast Model: DONE
Build kernel for VE_A15 (kvm): DONE
Build kernel for VE_A15-A7 (big.LITTLE): DONE
Package kernel for VE_A15-A7 (big.LITTLE): DONE
Package little.BIG bootwrapper: DONE
Create little.BIG fast model hwpack: TODO: DONE
Patch l-m-c to support Fast Model image + bootwrapper setup: DONE

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