OE: Create basic 'SDK' (chroot-ready) and LAMP targets for ARMv7

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

As part of the OpenEmbedded bootstrap support for ARMv8, there's a need to have 2 different image targets, one that's small enough to use chroot, and the other providing the LAMP stack.

To prepare the groundwork for ARMv8, the initial targets should be created with ARMv7 + HF + Thumb2, as not all ARMv8 needed changes are yet public.

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Ricardo Salveti
Marcin Juszkiewicz
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 12.07
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David Zinman
Completed by
Marcin Juszkiewicz


[rsalveti, Jun 28, 2012] What would still be needed to be able to finalize the blueprint? Also, where are you publishing your local changes?
[hrw, 29.06] There are some build failures in hardfloat mode which I need to check. Then go though list from Steve and check do I need to add something into image.
[rsalveti, Jun 28, 2012] based on hrw's feedback, please bump it to 12.07.
[dzin, jun 29, 2012] bumped to 12.07

Headline: OpenEmbedded ready targets for minimal and LAMP stacks compatible with ARMv7 are now available. This will later enable distro bootstrap for ARMv8.
Acceptance: lamp and chroot-based recipes created. Images tested on a real ARMv7 target.
Roadmap id: CARD-144

- meta-linaro branch from TCWG gives gcc-linaro toolchain
- core-image-lsb-sdk image may be what we need for "schroot-build-essential-distro-bootstrap-image" - building it today to check.
- added few new packages into image for c++ headers
- fixed binutils and g++ problems - patches sent to ML
- Looks like core-image-lsb-sdk image is what we need for bootstrapping distributions. Now we need a list of packages to be tested to compile in it.
- Steve added files into wiki.
- I used Lighttpd instead of Apache for LAMP image due to lack of Apache recipe.
- Wordpress works fine with LLMP image.
- code present at http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=openembedded/meta-linaro
- we will see what more needs to be added into image when we get to moment of using it.


Work Items

Work items:
Create lamp-image recipe: DONE
Build lamp-image recipe: DONE
make mysql autostart: DONE
Test lamp-image recipe: DONE
Use core-image-lsb-sdk to build something natively: DONE
build core-image-lsb-sdk: DONE
test core-image-lsb-sdk and check what needs to be added to be able to use it to bootstrap distros: DONE
fix binutils sysroot problem: DONE
fix c++ include dir not found problem: DONE
[steve-mcintyre] provide list of packages to be tested in schroot-build-essential-distro-bootstrap-image: DONE
check khem's fixes for binutils/g++: DONE
get VExpress/qemu kernel working: DONE

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