Lava integration for continuous memory footprint measurements

Registered by Ricardo Salveti on 2011-07-08

Identify the best memory footprint measurement tool, integrate it at LAVA and make sure it's properly reporting the results against the daily/weekly images.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Avik Sil
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.08
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Ricardo Salveti on 2011-07-12
Completed by
Ricardo Salveti on 2011-09-01

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[aviksil Jul 27, 2011]: smemcap test definition pushed to and proposed for merging
[aviksil Jul 27, 2011]: Got stuck due to pandaboard issue: my board is not booting, seems like SD connector problem
[rsalveti Jul 28, 2011]: Good progress but not yet done, moving to 11.08
[rsalveti, Aug 22, 2011]: Setting callgrind related WI to postpone as this is not necessary to complete this blueprint, we can match the goal with xrestop and xmemcap.
[rsalveti, Aug 31, 2011] Tests: and . May need additional changes later when it's properly used, but initial test is validated with Lava.

Headline: Continuous memory footprint measurement and report is now available at LAVA, exporting the results against the daily/weekly images
Acceptance: Memory footprint tool is identified and integrated at LAVA, exporting the results at the dashboard against the supported images.


Work Items

Work items:
Make the results available at the dashboard: DONE
From previous BP analysis, check if smemcap is still the best tool to capture memory usage information: DONE
Create a test case covering smemcap: DONE
Create a test case covering xrestop: DONE
Make sure smemcap is covering all described use cases (nano, desktop, etc): DONE
Check with dmart the feasibility of extending bootchart to also capture and display memory usage information (it seems something was done but not completed/published): DONE
Check the feasibility to use callgrind (valgind suite) or related, for finding dead library tool code: POSTPONED

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