Nano cross buildable: wrap up

Registered by David Zinman

Wrap up the nano cross buildable story.

 * Remaining issues all reported against each individual package
 * Documentation in place describing the current status and how people might be able to help

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Ricardo Salveti
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.10
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
David Zinman

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[asac, Oct 6, 2011]: please dont lump comments into the work items list; moving the list under the identify packages item to a comment here
[asac, Oct 6, 2011]: package list identified for now apt, bash, gcc-4.5, iproute, iputils, kbd, klibc, libcap2, liblocale-gettext-perl, pam, perl, plymouth, python2.7, rsyslog, shadow, sudo, udev, util-linux
[asac, Oct 6, 2011]: explode work items to have one item for each package; update whiteboard with status update daily; if nothing happens also update whiteboard stating what package you are working on etc.
[rsalveti, Oct 11, 2011]: Accepting it for 11.10, but with a lower priority. As the remaining work items are not trivial ones, we should at least have all bugs reported and a proper documentation pointing up the current status, and focus on improving the builder tools so people can experiment with different combinations and also reproduce it locally easier.
[rsalveti, Oct 17, 2011] David, we don't want to say we have cross build support of the nano image because it's not completely done (see the amount of open bugs). This BP should be just a wrap up, with instructions and bugs posted and documented.
[dzin, Oct 18, 2011] Restore comment and headline.
[dzin, Nov 8, 2011] Broke out postponed items to bug 865547. Mark as implemented.

Headline: There is now partial Cross Build support of the Linaro Natty Nano image, with current status available at and all bugs reported upstream.

Acceptance: Nano package list published at the wiki, fixes at the tools available at a PPA, cross enabled packages available at a PPA or bugs filed for problematic packages, with proper instructions on how to cross build them, enough to generate the Nano image


Work Items

Work items:
Announce current support (from 11.09) at linaro-dev m-l: DONE
Identify the remaining packages: DONE
apt ( DONE
bash ( DONE
gcc-4.5 ( DONE
iproute ( DONE
iputils ( DONE
isc-dhcp ( DONE
kbd ( DONE
klibc ( DONE
libcap2 ( DONE
liblocale-gettext-perl ( DONE
libtext-charwidth-perl ( DONE
libtext-iconv-perl ( DONE
ntp ( DONE
pam ( DONE
perl ( DONE
plymouth ( DONE
python2.7 ( DONE
rsyslog ( DONE
shadow ( DONE
sudo ( DONE
udev ( DONE
util-linux: DONE
Drop packages that are not essential to be able to generate an image (bash?): POSTPONED
Fix xdeb to install deps on packages that it gets wrong: DONE
Fix xdeb to work with multistrap-generated source lists: POSTPONED
Test with oneiric: DONE
Test with pdebuild-cross to see if that works better: POSTPONED

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