Unity-3D for LEB/Ubuntu 11.06

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

Integrate all Linaro GWG Unity-3D related deliverables into the stable release, to make the full Unity-3D interface available for users using Panda with the PVR SGX driver.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.06
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Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
Alexander Sack

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[asac, Jun 29, 2011]: postponing updating packages for just making the same version in package as the upstream component; ricardo confirmed that code is identical; blueprint implemented. qatracker has positive feedback.

Headline: LEB/Ubuntu 11.06 images deliver full OpenGLES compatible Unity 3D interface.
Acceptance: Installing the panda-x11-base hwpack on top of the ubuntu-desktop rootfs and being able to log-in and use the Ubuntu session (Unity 3d).


Work Items

Work items:
[linaro-graphics-wg] Fix GL_BLEND issue when using Compiz and Nux: DONE
Create a workaround to have unity working even when the GL_BLEND issue is not fixed: DONE
[linaro-graphics-wg] Fix missing icons at Unity launcher: DONE
[linaro-graphics-wg] Release Compiz for 11.06: DONE
[linaro-graphics-wg] Release Nux for 11.06: DONE
[linaro-graphics-wg] Release Unity for 11.06: DONE
Create package for Nux: DONE
Create package for Unity: DONE
Create package for Compiz: DONE
Create package for Compiz Plugins Main: DONE
Create project to track the Unity-3D porting effort: DONE
Fix Unity package to make it run directly from GDM: DONE
Make the packages available at a Linaro Overlay PPA: DONE
Update the packages with the released ones when available: POSTPONED
Improve unity_support_test (nux-tools) to be possible to release the LEB with Unity-3D integrated: DONE
Change lb to use Unity session as default instead of Unity-2D, as now the fallback is working: DONE

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