Improve Ubuntu/LEB support for tracing and profiling tools

Registered by Riku Voipio

As a user. I want to trace complex problems in kernel and userspace applications.

We want to provide the user tools that 1) are powerful enough to locate and describe the issue 2) easy enough to use that user wont spend more time fighting with the tool rather than with the problem... The complex users problem is, the harder it is to solve both goals at the same time!

Linux has an abundance of tracing and profiling tools. Each of them has their own unique advantages, but most are also quite rough to use and/or half-ready. Have look on what tools are available, and what are emerging. Select the ones that users are most likely to want to use in near future. Implement any improvements needed to make them usable out of box in Linaro developer images.

Blueprint information

Ricardo Salveti
Riku Voipio
Avik Sil
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.08
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Aug 11, 2011] Avik, moving this BP for you but feel free to ask help from Riku if needed :-)
[rsalveti, Aug 16, 2011] LTTng should be a separated blueprint, as it not yet supported by our kernels.
[rsalveti, Aug 16, 2011] Please ping me once you pushed the new packages to the overlay, so we can work together to change the dev image seed to include the new packages by default.
[rsalveti, Aug 16, 2011] Avik, once the maemo related packages are done (with improved packaging and properly tested), sync with me or Riku to help with package review. Later Riku can help you pushing the package into Debian.
[aviksil, Aug 17, 2011] With David Alan Gilbert's patch sent to ltrace-devel m-l on Jun 09, 2011 ( ltrace seems to work on ARM but the patch is not accepted yet and the mail is somehow not available in the m-l archive (
[rsalveti, Aug 17, 2011] Please check ltrace with latest panda hwpack (using lt or linux-linaro 3.0), and if the patch is still necessary, please make sure to apply it at the package and make that available at the linaro overlay PPA (against natty).
[fboudra, Aug 18, 2011] Please, add headline and acceptance criteria. TIA.
[rsalveti, Aug 22, 2011] Postponing systemtap related WI as it should be a separated BP, probably for 11.09.
[rsalveti, Aug 23, 2011] Postponing investigate ftrace performance impact, as it's it can be a blueprint on it's own.
[aviksil, Aug 24, 2011] Wiki document for sp-rtrace:
[aviksil, Aug 24, 2011] Wiki document for strace:
[aviksil, Aug 24, 2011] Wiki document for functracer:
[aviksil, Aug 24, 2011] functracer fails to run on Panda:
[aviksil, Aug 25, 2011] Wiki document for ftrace:
[aviksil, Aug 25, 2011] Wiki document for perf:
[rsalveti, Aug 31, 2011] Documentation links posted at Supported tools properly validated and integrated at the developer image by default. Functracer is blocked by bug 832686 and systemtap will end up at a different blueprint for 11.08.

Headline: Ubuntu 11.08 developer image brings a better support for tracing and profiling tools, such as latrace, ltrace, mutrace and more.
Acceptance: New packages available at the Overlay PPA, documentation for each package at the wiki page and also enabled by default at the developer image.


Work Items

Work items:
package latrace: DONE
package mutrace: DONE
package libpfm4: DONE
package maemo sp-rtrace: DONE
package maemo functracer: BLOCKED
[rsalveti] change dev image seed to include these new packages by default: DONE
fix ltrace: DONE
add user wiki document for ftrace: DONE
add user wiki document for latrace: DONE
add user wiki document for perf: DONE
add user wiki document for strace: DONE
add user wiki document for functracer: DONE
add user wiki document for sp-rtrace: DONE
add user wiki document for mutrace: DONE
investigate mounting debugfs by default: DONE
investigate perf flakiness: DONE
investigate CONFIG_FTRACE performance impact: POSTPONED
add user wiki document for SystemTap: POSTPONED
investigate what needs to be added to devel image to make systemtap work out of box: POSTPONED
make systemtap work out of box: POSTPONED

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