live-build 3 for Ubuntu Oneiric images

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Ubuntu is now also migrating to live-build 3 for Oneiric. As we're already using live-build 2 for Natty images, do the porting work to make sure we're at the same state as live-build 2 but with live-build 3. This will help us synchronizing the way we're building the images with Ubuntu, and also provide all the new features from live-build 3 for product owners that want to customize and create their images based on our LEB.

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Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
Tom Gall
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.06
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[asac, Jun 30, 2011]: upstreaming tasks shouldnt be in implementation spec. we can create a new blueprint to track that or a bug or something. Setting status to Needs Code Review until we see a successful build (depends on RT 46613)
[rsalveti, Jul 3, 2011]: Images created and available at

Headline: the devplatform team moved to live-build 3 for the ubuntu oneiric based development images
Acceptance: live-build 3 is used on offspring for oneiric and two images and hwpacks have been verified to work!


Work Items

Work items:
[rsalveti] Talk with james_w and make sure Linaro's Offspring is able to generate images with live-build 3 scripts and configs: DONE
Push the generic Linaro modifications in live-build 3 upstream: POSTPONED
[rsalveti] Push a live-build branch with linaro modifications at ~linaro-maintainers/code: DONE
[rsalveti] Create a PPA containing the live build 3 package for Maverick, to be used by the Offspring builder: DONE
Create image project for Ubuntu Desktop based on Oneiric at ubuntu-build: DONE
Create image project for ALIP based on Oneiric at ubuntu-build: DONE
Create image project for Developer based on Oneiric at ubuntu-build: DONE
Create image project for Nano based on Oneiric at ubuntu-build: DONE

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