Integration Work for 11.07 Release

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Remaining integration work not tracked at other blueprints. Basically a place to gather all the remaining but important WIs.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.07
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: ilias prepared the blueprints i think; please talke to jesse about the deliverables; this spec probably will document what deliverables and fork out one blueprint for each deliverable then?
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: android has an integration task about sched_mc integration; afaik this basically is just ensuring that the patches landed in nicos tree and having acceptance criteria how to validate that it works and document the result of the test.
[asac, Jul 11, 2011]: on jpeg-turbo i would like to see at least two integrations: one package version now and right before release. we should identify problems/crashes/blockers etc. asap to not have too many problems right before release.
[rsalveti, Jul 11, 2011]: libjpeg-turbo BP created:
[rsalveti, Jul 11, 2011]: asac: sure, while I don't have the proper blueprint created I'll be tracking those items here, but in the end we should have a blueprint for every relevant work for the release.
[rsalveti, Jul 28, 2011]: CI WI postponed to Connect.
[rsalveti, Jul 28, 2011]: slangasek will update the 11.07 package as usual.


Work Items

Work items:
Sync with slangasek about the Linaro Qemu package and make sure it's available at linaro-tools PPA: DONE
Sync with the GWG to have the deliverables list for 11.07: DONE
Sync with the PMWG to have the deliverables list for 11.07: DONE
Sync with asac about a daily PPA to enable CI: POSTPONED

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